The Pan American Artistic Championships 2022 will energize Cancun


One of the most anticipated events for figure skating athletes in the Americas, the Pan American Championships, now has its official venue, the magical Cancun, a Mexican city that has been designated by World Skate America (WSA) to host this event.

Alberto Herrera Ayala, president of the WSA, is in Cancun finalizing all the details related to the organization of the 2022 Pan American Figure Skating Championships, which will take place between August 26 and September 11, with the participation of the different categories, in three different events: Schools and Rookies; Clubs, in all categories; and Nations, an event in which the national teams that will seek to qualify for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games will participate.

«We have worked hard since February of this year with the president of the Mexican Federation of Roller Skating AC, Nicolás Santibáñez, and after defining logistical and organizational issues, which presented some difficulties due to post-pandemic issues, we are making official this important news for continental figure skating,» highlighted President Herrera Ayala.

The highest representative of American skating highlighted; «During this journey through Mexican territory, I have managed to specify everything related to the organization with the sports authorities of the region.» First, we met with the authorities of Quintana Roo, the state to which the city of Cancun belongs, such as Mr. Jesús Antonio López Pinzón, president of the Quintana Roo Commission for Youth and Sports. Similarly, in some marathon sessions, issues concerning official hotels and internal transportation for delegations were resolved.

A technical visit was also made to the stage that will host the Pan American Figure Skating Championships, a coliseum that has the regulatory measures for an event of international status, has a capacity for 5,000 people, and will have a special floor for the development of skills.

In the upcoming days, the regulatory resolutions of this great continental event will be issued, which, for the first time, will be convened in the beautiful tourist city of Cancun, at a time of easy access for delegations from the countries of the Americas. «The detailed information and call will be made known through an official statement and will be published on our page.» The organization details will be in charge of the Mexican Skating Federation, headed by its president, Nicolás Santibáñez entity in charge of making all the required arrangements with the official hotels, «concluded Alberto Herrera Ayala, president of World Skate America.»