After the regular meeting of the executive board of the World Skate America – Pan American Skating Confederation, the President of the organization, Alberto Herrera Ayala, informed the determinations were taken and in which the new schedule of the competitions programmed for this season was included, which were postponed to 2021.

Herrera Ayala indicated that after the meeting of the executive board of the WSA last Friday, July 3, in which fundamental issues about the plans and programs of this continental organism were discussed, important determinations were made for the American skating. «It has been decided to extend the 2020 schedule until February 28, 2021, what allow fulfilling the competitions that had been scheduled for this season. Similarly, it was  established the rates are maintained until that date, in order words, until February 28, the same charges will be paid that have been since 2016, the newly approved rates will be effective from March 1, 2021. Concerning the regulation of the different disciplines, this will remain in force according to the one issued for the 2020 season,» said the President of the World Skate America.

The approved schedule for the Pan American Championships is the following:

«It should be clarified, taking into account the postponement of the World Skate Games of Argentina to 2022, and considering that the Panamerican Rink Hockey will be a  qualifying for the season in which all the World Championships of Roller Skating meet, it was decided to hold this continental event in September 2021 in Florida, United States, «said Alberto Herrera Ayala, who added that Panamericans of Artistic and Speed will be qualifying for the Pan American Junior Games Cali 2021, these in the sub-23 category.


In accordance with the provisions of the approved regulations, the Pan American Championships will be: clubs for Junior categories (7 – 10 years), Intermediate (11 – 13 years), Pre-Juvenile 14 years, Youth and Seniors, and the Pan American of Nations for the Youth and Senior Categories, women and men.

The Pan American of Nations Inline Hockey Championship will be played in Junior and Senior categories, both women and men.

The Pan American Figure Skating Championships will start in the first week with clubs in the promotional categories and the second week will be held the Pan American of Nations in the international categories.

The Pan American New Trends Championship will be held in all categories, women and men, and open with the endorsement of the respective Federation.

For the Pan American of Nations of Rink Hockey Championship will be called the Junior male and Senior for women and men categories.